House of Sailing Daggers

This January we headed out of Isla Mujeres Mexico to film one of the most exciting and difficult to capture scenarios in the Ocean, the sailfish baitball. Each year during the winter months, nutrient rich currents flowing north push up onto the shelf of Isla Mujeres, Mexiico, drawing in large shoals of sardines and minnows. Following these baitfish are great numbers of sailfish which, working together, break apart these shoals and create some of the most amazing baitball spectacles on Earth!

Over two weeks with long days on the water, we finally managed to capture what we were looking for. Clean water, several dozen sailfish, and a tight baitball of sardines were the perfect recipe. Ducking sharp bills and working hard to maintain position, we captured over 20 minutes of incredible footage. With our job complete, we headed back to shore to enjoy some cold cervezas and guacamole!

We created this short documentary that captures the excitement and energy of the sailfish baitball while filling in the story of how this phenomenon comes to be. The film has already been a favorite as several film festivals!


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