As an investigative conservation journalist, Shawn has gone undercover to expose stories in some of the most remote or challenging locations including: Taiwan, Japan, Papua, Indonesia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Mexico, Fiji, and Africa. Always off the beaten path, his award-winning work offers a rare view of the people, issues,  and some of the more disturbing elements of global fisheries and endangered species trade. His award winning investigative footage and images have been used as centerpieces for documentaries, news, editorials, and campaigns reaching hundreds of millions of people.

Over a decade of research and extensive network of contacts across the globe, enable Shawn to quickly develop, plan, and execute assignments. He has achieved an exceptional track record, delivering groundbreaking stories and imagery in some of the most challenging circumstance.  Shawn’s work combines powerful stories with captivating images, that put a face on the issues and expose the truth. Gripping, vivid, undeniable, heart-breaking and inspirational, his stories reach millions and mobilize them to action.

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Nature & Travel

Shawn has a special affinity for big animals including sharks, rays and marine mammals, and he has traveled to the corners of the globe to document some the most impressive marine spectacles on earth. He has spent countless hours, filming in extremely close proximity to large tiger sharks, bull sharks, white sharks, schools of hundreds of hammerheads, and a variety of other predatory sharks, all without any protection. He has documented world-class encounters with hundreds of whale sharks, humpback whales, manta rays, massive sardine baitballs, huge schools of sailfish, and all manner of other epic marine encounters.

Shawn is a talented writer with a gift for telling stories that immerse readers in the experiences. With over a decade of filming in locations across the globe, his experiences have translated into exciting articles accompanied by rich, compelling images that truly capture the the moment.

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