Video Production

Through our extensive film work, which includes an Emmy Award for his work with National Geographic, Shawn has acquired considerable first-hand knowledge of the oceans most important marine areas. Shawn has organized, coordinated and led expeditions to some of the most logistically and environmentally challenging marine locations on earth. He has developed close relationships with operators, conservationists, and leading filmmakers that provide us direct access to these locations, and with years of filming in these places, he has assembled an expansive library or blue-chip Hi Definition video footage. He has worked with leading film and journalist teams including CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Yann Arthus Bertrand, and National Geographic, BBC, and delivered projects for many of the top marine conservation organizations including WildAid, Shark Savers, Conservation International, The Nature Conservancy and Pew Environment Group. Teaming up with John Weller, he is creating a global film series to raise awareness and support campaigns for marine conservation. And in partnership with Jim Abernethy the duo are creating films about sharks and other charismatic marine life, and our connection to these magnificent creatures.

Broadcast Work

Shawn has worked with leading broadcasters and production companies around the world.



 Award Winning Films

Tigress Shark

Mantas Last Dance

Befriending Giants

Sanctuary – Last Stand for Sharks

This is Your OceanSharks

Unnatural Selection

Manta Ray of Hope

Sardine Run – Dolphins and Whales


Underwater DP & Cameraman

Shawn is an Emmy Award winning cinematographer who has a special affinity for big animals including sharks, rays and marine mammals, having traveled to the corners of the globe to document some the most impressive marine spectacles on earth. He has spent countless hours, filming in extremely close proximity to large tiger sharks, bull sharks, white sharks, schools of hundreds of hammerheads, and a variety of other predatory sharks, all without any protection. He has documented world-class encounters with hundreds of whale sharks, humpback whales, sperm whales, blue whales, manta rays, massive sardine baitballs, huge schools of sailfish, and all manner of other epic marine encounters.

Underwater he specialize in big stuff including; stunning reef vistas, wrecks, whales, sharks, mantas, dolphins, pelagic fish, schooling fish, bait balls and other marine mammals. When necessary, he pushes his (and equipment) to the limit to capture the “impossible” shots. That being said, he has extensive experience capturing broadcast quality macro footage.

Demo Reel – Oceans


Topside DP & Cameraman

Topside we capture the energy, excitement and drama that are core to the stories we tell. Action shots, interviews, establishing shots, sound-bites, vistas and landscapes are all recorded in a creative and professional manner. We are only done shooting when all the elements necessary to tell the story are captured.

Post Production

Our Mission – Combining stunning topside and underwater footage with strong characters and exciting backdrops, we create compelling stories that engage audiences and delight our customers.

Our Offering – Our production offering includes documentaries, broadcast day shooting, promotional dvds, trade show reels, web media, investment collateral, environmental projects and stock footage.

Our Equipment – We own and use the latest in 6K, 4K and HD equipment including:

RED EPIC Dragon cinema camera (6K native sensors) and accessories

‣ Canon 1DC and 1DX cameras and accessories

‣ Canon 5D MarkIII cameras and accessories

‣ Canon L Series professional lenses

‣ Nauticam RED Epic camera housing kit

‣ Nauticam 1DC/1DX/5D3 camera housing kits

‣ Light & Motion SOLA 8000 & 3000 light systems

‣ GoPro POV cameras

‣ Sennheiser professional audio equipment

‣ Studio and on-camera professional lighting

‣ Apple MacPro Quadcore workstation

‣ Final Cut Pro HD Adobe Premiere editing suites


Other Services


Conservation Campaigns

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