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TEDx 2013 – Inspiration Over Devastation – ©Kit Chalberg

Shawn is an accomplished, passionate and dynamic speaker. His presentations combine captivating stories with powerful imagery, that engage his audiences and inspire them to  action. In his quest to raise awareness about the immediate need to conserve the oceans, he  has presented to audiences in venues around the world.

Shawn presents at conferences, trade shows, seminars, film festivals, press events, classrooms, and private venues. In recognition of excellence in presenting, at the 2012 Asia Dive Expo, Shawn was recognized with the Best Speaker Award. If you are looking for speaker who will engage your audience, please contact us.


Watch some of Shawn’s talks here:

TEDx  2013 – Art Inspiring Conservation


Shawn areas of expertise include:


– Shark fisheries

– Shark fin trade

– Shark sanctuaries

– Manta ray fisheries and trade

– Marine protected areas

– Enforcement and monitoring


Cinematography and Photography

– Underwater cinematography

– Underwater photography

– Documentary filmmaking

– Investigative photojournalism

– Travel and adventure photojournalism


Other Services

Video Production


Conservation Campaigns