Aqua-Trek Ultimate Shark Encounter Project

Aqua-Trek runs a unique shark diving and eco-tourism operation in Pacific Harbor Fiji. As pioneers of shark eco-tourism in Fiji, they have years of experience introducing guests to some of the “fiercest” predators in the ocean. The dive has been popular with some of the biggest names in the dive and underwater film community. That said, it was time to bring the Aqua-Trek brand to the larger adventure dive community. That’s when they called Blue Sphere Media, specialists in big animal encounters.

My mission was to capture the energy and excitement of the shark dive while showcasing the incredible diversity and numbers of sharks and fish. The final product was a show reel for trade shows, customer DVDs and website delivery.

The dive was incredible and surely the most diverse  and energized shark diving experience in the world. On a single dive I filmed 8 species of sharks including massive bulls, tigers and silver tips charging through a swirling tornado of giant trevally, rainbow runners, snappers and more. The sheer volume and variety of sharks and fish was incredible. Perhaps most exciting of all, Aqua-Trek established a marine protected area where the sharks are protected and the reef restored.

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