San Diego Undersea Film Festival – Selected

Unnatural Selection and Realm of the Sharks were featured at the San Diego UnderSea Film Festival this weekend at the Qualcomm Hall in full digital cinema HD. Both films were among a short list of films chosen by the selection committee out the many international entries.

Unnatural Selection“is a powerful film that portrays the tragic decimation of sharks and shark populations by humans and the shark fin industry. Beautiful images of lush tropical marine settings are juxtaposed with the all-too-common scene below the surface of dead sharks littering the bottom, their fins cut off to feed an insatiable market for shark fin.

Realm of the Sharks takes the viewer on a underwater tour of Cocos and Mapelo Islands in the Eastern Pacific Ocean. These sites are home to an abundance of marine animals, including numerous species of sharks, rays, dolphins and whales.  Cocos Island is some 300 miles southwest of Costa Rica, and has been designated a Marine Park and World Heritage Site by Costa Rica.  Malpelo Island is a little over 300 miles off the coast of Colombia and is designated as a Colombian Fauna and Flora Sanctuary, and marine protected area.  The waters off both islands are considered by divers to be among the most exciting areas in the world for big animal sightings.  The immense schools of Hammerhead Sharks that gather in these waters leave divers awestruck.  The biodiversity is rich and vulnerable.

Video: Unnatural Selection

Video: Realm of the Sharks

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