Dive Photo Guide – Misool Eco Resort Feature

Editor’s Note: Jason Heller
Raja Empat is truly one of the top destinations in the world for shooting extremely healthy reefs and marine biodiversity. Currently, there is only one land based option in the entire region. The only way to visit and dive the southern part of the island group is by live aboard. Misool Eco Resort will be changing that. I met Andy Miners two years ago at the Asia Dive Expo in Singapore and was thrilled to hear that his dreams had led him to building a resort on Misool. The resort will be opening in 2008 – and DivePhotoGuide will be leading a special trip there shortly after. As a special feature, each month from now until the opening, we will cover a new update on the development of the resort and diving in the area. Enjoy!

Each month, I will be working with Andy Miners to provide updates for Dive Photo Guide to post on the resorts progress.

August Update: Misool Eco Resort

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