DiveFilm Podcast – Sharkfin Frontier

The latest DiveFilm Podcast Video, Episode 37, is now live. “Shark Fin Frontier” by Shawn Heinrichs is a very powerful film that portrays the tragic decimation of sharks and shark populations by humans and the shark fin industry. Beautiful images of lush tropical marine settings are juxtaposed with the all-too-common scene below the surface of dead sharks littering the bottom, their fins cut off to feed an insatiable market for shark fin.

As most here on the video forum are aware, in addition to being a fantastic underwater filmmaker, Shawn is also a conservation forum moderator here at Wetpixel, and a regular contributor to the video forums. Thank you, Shawn, for allowing us to podcast your film and make it available to the growing iTunes Podcast audience. DiveFilm Podcast Videos are among the “Featured Video Podcasts, TV & Film” at the US iTunes Store, and as such gain significant exposure to a more general audience who might not otherwise come across this video. Please consider subscribing to the podcasts through iTunes to help keep these podcasts featured. To learn more about how to subscribe, please visit the Wetpixel podcast info page. DiveFilm Podcast Video is produced in partnership with Wetpixel.

-Mary Lynn

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