Tulamben Bali – Liberty Wreck

Tulamben Bali is paradise for divers seeking world class diving without the overhead of long boat trips and live-aboards. Nowhere else in the world (that I know of) can you walk 150 feet down the beach from the door off the resort, slip on your BC and tank (which I should mention are carried by porters), swim 100 feet off the shore and spend the next hour exploring the beauty of one of the most beautiful wrecks I have ever dived.

The liberty ship was left aground to rust shortly following world world II. Years later, a volcanic eruption followed by an earthquake shook the vessel free, allowing it to slide into the water and settle at a depth of 100 feel. It didn’t take long for corals to take hold and fish to set up homes. Today every square inch of the wreck is covered in rich layers of hard and soft corals, sponges, anemones and fans. The wreck is rich with macro life such as colorful nudibranchs, shrimp, ghost pipefish, pigmy seahorse, and frog fish. Fish of all shapes and sizes pour over the wreck, with a squadron of bumphead parrot fish and spiraling jacks as the finale.

I spent a long weekend with my family and friends diving, relaxing and enjoying the beauty that is so uniquely Bali.

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