Whale Shark Fashion – Limited Prints

Prints are now available from our extraordinary fashion shoot with whale sharks! ! We are offering exclusive, limited edition prints for each of these images. Once these numbered prints are sold, they will no longer be available for purchase.

In partnership with WildAid, were are dedicating a portion of proceeds to the conservation of whale sharks and other threatened shark and ray species. We believe art is an essential tool in halting the destruction of threatened species and we intend to do our part.

We are working with one of the top large format  printing companies in New York City, and we are offering large format, fine art prints only, each print custom crafted for discerning buyers. All prints are archival quality.

Print Options

For the Whale Shark Fashion series of prints, we are offering a limited set of options for sizes, materials, and mounts.


Size: 20″ x 30″
1. Glossy Fine Art Photo Print
Mount Option: Plexi Glass with Wood Brace

2. Canvas Print
Mount Option: Stretch


Size – 24″ x 36″, Numbered 1 to 25
1. Metallic Print
Mount Option: Plexi Glass with Wood Brace

2. Canvas Print
Mount Option: Stretch

Size – 40″ x 60″, Numbered 1 to 25
1. Metallic Print
Mount Option: Plexi Glass with Wood Brace

2. Canvas Print
Mount Option: Stretch


Size – 48′ x 72″ and Larger
Materials – Glossy, Canvas, Metallic, Aluminum,
Mounts – Stretch, Plexi Glass, Light Box, Mirror, etc

Pricing: Final print price will depend on print size, material and mount options. When you know which images you are interested in, we can provide you a quote.


Click the link below to request a print. In you request, please include Print ID and Name, Category, Size, Material and Mount Option.

ExampleW1: Whale Shark Fashion – The Rising Goddess, Limited Edition, 40″x60″, Metallic, Plexi Glass with Wood Brace

You will then be contacted to discuss print size, materials, and pricing.

Whale Shark Print Request

For Kristian’s images, please visit his website.

Special thanks to our fabulous underwater models and world-class athletes Hannah Fraser and Roberta Mancino!

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One Response to “Whale Shark Fashion – Limited Prints”

  1. Carolyn April 26, 2013 at 7:46 pm // Reply

    I was brought to this site by Mr. Heinrick’s story about the orcas attack on the sperm whales. I read some of the comments about how it seemed like he was “reading from a script”, yet you could see the truth in the pictures. It was not a show, but you sharing what you had seen. Then I found MANTAS LAST DANCE and realized what an extraordinary cinematographer you are. You captured a world that I would not get to see and caused me to be a part of it. The beauty, the majesty…..you capture so much …it is breath-taking. My favorite fashion shoot pic is W22: Harmony with nature because it brings such a sense of peace and oneness. Well done, well done.
    I do not fear for the future of the whales or the mantas or any other endangered species (even humans) because we do have a Creator who will bring to ruin those ruining the Earth, In the interim, I do appreciate a person like you who raises awareness and brings such beauty to the life of a person like me (a land lover). Thank you for raising my awareness of the beauties to be seen underwater.


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